The Bilwinco Human Machine Interface – productivity statistics at your fingertips

The smoothest 15” waterproof touch-screen operating panel, makes the HMI probably the largest on market and a very easy to use one. It features all the modern production statistics you may possibly need. Statistics can automatically be stored on company networks and processed centrally on purpose-built Bilwinco software. Cameras can be connected to monitor the product flow directly in the HMI program and save expensive operator time. Optional internet connection makes software updates or service analysis simple.

  • The Bilwinco HMI reduces costs at the end of the day
  • Increase Effeciency by handling production data the right way
  • Make adjustments easy and quick - and save time

Empower your operators!

The HMI also monitors the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) supporting the operator and management in optimizing the performance of the line. The OEE indicator summarizes the performance of the weighing system, as well as of the upstream and downstream equipment, all based on Quality, Performance and Availability.

You have access to long-term OEE figures as well as short term OEE figures. Short-term figures makes it efficient to make adjustments on-the-fly and get a quick feedback if the adjustment worked out right or not.

All statistics are presented on-the-fly empowering your staff to make the right decisions while it is still relevant. Statistics can be analyzed across the current production, or optionally exported for further processing.

  • The OEE tool is your key to better line economy
  • The OEE tool improves Quality, Performance and Availability

Intuitive Menu system

Due to the large screen, the menu system is very clear and allows for significant text sizes making it easier for the operator to start, stop and adjust the weigher.
It has five different user levels, all password protected. Each user level can be adjusted to fit the security politics of the company.
The HMI supports multiple languages.

  • Low Training Cost due to the easy-to-use menu system
  • Safe operation & Less Mistakes insurred by a 5 level user access control
  • Low labour cost - Multiple language supports a multilingual workforce

Product Database (recipes)

The integrated product database holds up to 75.000 recipes, with possible expansion according to request.
Key recipes can be locked by the supervisor, insuring the best starting point always.
Back-Up your database frequently by simple automatic routines, and your production is safely secured.
With the optional in/outbox add-on, product recipes, statistics and production data can be uploaded to and from your ERP system.

  • The control is the hart of the line and the product database is the blood stream of data making your day go effeciently and safely.

Smooth Exterior

The control panel has an extra large 15" touch screen (resistive), with a 1024 x 768 resolution, encapsulated in an IP65 stainless steel frame . It is adapted for wet or dusty environments with frequent cleaning.
Screen and steel frame features smooth, sleek, rounded surfaces with no physical buttons making dusting and cleaning easy.

To access the HMI, it needs to be where you need it to be. Optional swing-arms and other solutions makes access to the HMI screen easy, and also offers a safe storage position when not in use.

  • Quick & Easy Access to the HMI is efficiency all day long
  • The hygienic and smooth design is a must in todays industry


The HMI connects via USB, Ethernet or optional WIFI, and offers some must-have features like:
- Backup/restore product database and HMI settings.
- External data storage for easy access for business Intelligence tools.
- Internet connectivity for online software updates and service.
- If the weigher with camera is connected to a company network, live images from
  camera can be shown on any computer, tablet or smartphone connected.
- Connect your line printer and get real-time data printed
- Safe production start-up by scanning the product barcode and double check
  product, pack-order and other details before hitting the go-button.

  • Make your day easy with unlimited plug'n'play. The value is troublefree simplicity.

Helicopter view!

Several video cameras may be connected optionally.
The camera may be mounted on a fixed or adjustable arm over or by the scale.
The camera has a built-in zoom function integrated in the HMI software, for operator chosen close-up views of specific areas.
In areas with bad light conditions, cameras with Infrared Optics can be used.

  • Viewing important line areas directly on-screen, saves you lots of time and lots of running.
  • If you need support and the control is connected to the internet and a cam, we can look you over the shoulder and assist you directly from anywere in the world - and save your day.
Camera view in normal mode
Finger point out the area you want to check out, and the screen simply shows you the close-up view.

Touch Screen Control Features & Options

Microprocessor control unit with standard space for 75.000 recipes
Large 15“ touch screen HMI in smooth IP65 rated stainless steel casing
Full production and error statistics on display
Ethernet and USB connection
5 levels of password protected operator levels
OEE control
Video camera connection with integrated zoom features
BW Logger - Full productivity analysis software tools for productivity optimisation
Internet connectivity for Online software updates and service
Barcode Scanner
WIFI Wireless
eWon Scale PLC Access

● Standard

○ Optional