Solutions for Poultry Processing

As a producer or processor of poultry you have to face a number of specific needs. Bilwinco provides a tailor made solution, which fits perfectly into your plant. From product feeding to the drop into a packaging solution of any kind, everything comes from one supplier.

We take your products directly from the cut up line, create the right portion and drop this portion into your specific packaging using advanced filling tools - hands off of course. Some of your products may leave the line as IQF-products. Also for that we have the perfect solution and, best of all; we can do it with the same machine by mobile execution of all equipment.

For your value added poultry products we can offer a number advantages developed just for this kind of product. Reduced fall heights (up to 30%) protect coated items better than any other weighing solution. Or your product is marinated, cooked or fried - we have the right setup for it. Going further in the convenience direction, we can also handle ready meals or finger food.

Fresh or marinated poultry products

Hygiene is the keyword in poultry, for shelf life and for food safety. BILWINCO is unsurpassed in the hygiene department

Bilwinco Revolution Series multihead weighers are the only weighers that excel with sticky products such as fresh or marinated chicken meat. Due to the variable and self-adjusting vibrator system the product flow is both homogeneous and very gentle towards the product, meaning even fragile cuts are processed to the highest quality standards.

Our product tray filling tools are almost always custom built for the job at hand, something that contributes to the performance of our solutions – this translates directly into industry-leading coherence between nominal and actual gross output capacity. Automatic continuous taring ensures homogeneous output weight all through the production cycle.

Frozen poultry products

Frozen poultry is comparatively easy to handle, but must be handled with great care to maintain food safety, shelf life and good looks

Our frozen chicken meat packing solutions based on the Revolution Series multihead weighers are just that; integrated complete solutions with built-in frozen product buffering capacity and reject back-feed line. We can weigh and pack any portion sizes up to 5kgs simultaneously, and our automatic continuous taring ensures very low reject rates at the check weigher, to the benefit of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The careful way to pack value-added chicken foods

Value-added chicken products are one of the fastest growing market segments in the food industry. We are experts in handling the often fragile value-added products

Most value-added chicken foods require very careful handling in the weighing/packing process to avoid separating crumbing from meat. Our Revolution Series multihead weighers are designed for just that, with the revolutionary new feeder tray vibrators being able to shift any product at the highest possible rate with minimum abrasion. The output quality is higher, and the product looks more attractive in any packing solution.

Case Stories

New Double Line in South America

One of the biggest supplier for poultry products in Chile installed a double Bilwinco line for IQF products.

One for All Solution - Mobile

You have a smaller plant and need to be flexible? Many different customers and plenty of packaging solutions? Have a look on the Bilwinco mobile solution for a capacity up to 60 portions a minute. And so it looks like on the below.

Bilwinco Mobile

The Fresh Poultry Piece Solution

The forward vibrator is placed directly under a cut up unit. All pieces are transported automatically to the center cone of the weighing machine. After weighing the portions are dropped directly into a tray in a tray sealer. Space is reserved for orientation if necessary. We are using enhanced distribution tools, as you can see below:

Distribution Tool

The Frozen Poultry Pieces Solution

The frozen pieces enter the Bilwinco line directly out of the freezing tunnel. As it is not possible to stop the running freezing equipment, a buffer is needed for a short stop of the packing machine for service of any kind. After service the buffered product is reentering the system automatically. We are using enhanced servo filling tools as you can see here.

Dosing IQF Chicken Parts

The Value Added Poultry Solution

This product requires special treatment due to its sensitiveness in the whole weighing – packing process. Reduced fall heights, optimized accumulations and a special designed return conveyor for over- and underweight is the Bilwinco answer to this challenge.