Fresh diced or cubed meat

Cubed or diced meat, although not as critical as minced, still requires extreme care in terms of handling and hygiene. BILWINCO multihead weighers are the most hygienic solutions available today

Case Ready fresh meat packaging challenges:

  • Must be packed to high accuracy levels

  • Must look GOOD in the tray – post-weighing styling is often called for

  • Hygiene must be PERFECT for the shelf life to be guaranteed

  • Frequent product changeovers require distribution tool flexibility and easy cleanability

Solution: Due to the self-adjusting and -taring properties of our weighing lines our accuracy is unsurpassed. And our custom-built distribution tools ensure accurate placing in the product receptacle every time, while our new recess-free chassis design makes cleaning and daily hygiene a breeze – a factor that, together with the interchangeable distribution tools, also contributes to our fast product changeover times.

Frozen minced meat

Minced meat has the largest surface to volume ratio of any food product. This places the utmost emphasis on cleanability and general hygiene

Case ready frozen minced meat packaging challenges:

  • Must meet fixed weight demands with virtually no rejects

  • Freezer buffering is essential in case of line downtime

  • Must be quickly adaptable to different packing weights/containers

Solution: Very high accuracy at the weigher level makes our weighing lines optimally suited for fixed weight production runs. Our superior workmanship and parts policy ensures minimum unplanned downtime, and the built-in buffering system keeps product frozen in the event of a packing line bottleneck situation. And finally, all Bilwinco packaging solutions have the shortest and smoothest changeovers in the industry!

Marinated meat

With the extra processing involved in the production of marinated meat products, not only does the product become even more sticky, it is also exposed to increased hygiene hazards. BILWINCO multihead weighers handle sticky products like no other weigher on the market today, and is hygienic about it too

Marinated meat challenges:

  • Marinated beef or pork is difficult to move and tends to stick to every surface

  • Marinated products pose extra challenges to the cleanability of the weigher

  • Frequent product changeovers mean frequent cleaning and frequent distribution tool changes too

  • In mechanically aided product transport systems (screw feeders) the meat and the marinade tends to become separated, making the output quality unpredictable

Solution: Our new radial feeder vibrators can be set to vibrate at the natural frequency of the product, something that will keep ANY product moving! This means no particular considerations are necessary upstream of the weigher. It is also extremely hygienic; our tests have shown reductions in cleaning times of up to 50% compared to comparable products, and with the custom-built interchangeable distribution tools the changeover times are reduced even more.

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