Sticky fresh lettuce is another extremely unwieldy product to handle - but the BILWINCO Revolution Series manages with bravour

Fresh salad/lettuce packaging challenges:

  • Very sticky product

  • Fragile leaves must be treated with exceptional care to guarantee shelf life

  • Frequent product changeovers require distribution tool flexibility and easy cleanability

Solution: Our Linear Drive1 radial feeder vibration system makes even lettuce leaves WANT to move into the weighing hoppers, and damage nothing while performing their magic. Our new design is sleek and clean like no other multihead weigher available today, making periodic cleansing and product changeover cleaning of the machine a breeze.

1Patent pending

Fresh fruit

The global market for fresh, peeled fruit is growing exponentially - with BILWINCO multihead weighing lines you can be part of that growth

Fresh fruit packaging challenges:

  • Fresh, peeled fruit possibly the most fragile product to be packed mechanically – smears easily

  • Very sticky

  • Fresh fruit is sold in many different receptacles – the packing line must have low changeover times for both products and receptacles

  • All fresh fruit products are processed Just In Time, meaning packaging line downtime costs grow exponentially

Solution: Linear Drive radial feeders keep even sticky fresh fruit moving at optimum rates, and the rate of vibration can be kept low enough to ensure no damage to the product while still maintaining productivity. Our superior workmanship and parts policy ensures minimum unplanned downtime, while the new design keeps cleaning times down. And finally all Bilwinco distribution tools are custom made for the job at hand, and we ALWAYS focus on the quickest possible product changeover times!

Fresh peeled potatoes

Peeled potatoes are easy to handle from a multihead weigher perspective - but with the enormous volume handled the line must have extraordinary reliability to make the production worthwhile

With peeled potatoes the challenges are centred more around volume and reliability than product-specific problems. Potato packing lines must have low unplanned downtime, and planned downtime for cleaning and maintenance must be kept to an absolute minimum. The Bilwinco Revolution Series packaging lines, built to excel with far more complex products, makes packing potatoes like child's play. Our reliability is unmatched, our cleaning times are low and our multihead weighers just keep going, year after year.

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