Bilwinco has a global reputation for solving packaging challenges for the food industry. If you make it, and your customers eat it, then we have a way of weighing and packing it.

If you know WHAT you want to weigh and pack, but you are not sure HOW you wish to pack it, this is a good place to start. Browse the different application categories, find one that matches your product and read on to see how we may help you.

The Wraps SolutionThe Toppings SolutionThe Airline Meals SolutionThe Assembled Meals SolutionThe Fresh Poultry Piece SolutionThe Frozen Poultry Pieces SolutionThe Value Added Poultry SolutionThe Fresh Cuts SolutionThe Minced Meat SolutionThe Marinated Products SolutionThe Fresh Fillet SolutionThe Fresh Shrimp SolutionThe Canned Seafood SolutionThe Prepared Salads SolutionThe Fresh Fruit SolutionThe Peeled Potatoes Solution


Pack Expo 2017

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Food Certification

Bilwinco machines for the food industry are approved by Danish and European Union authorities. You can find the certificate here by clicking on the picture.

Bilwinco Dry Food